10-20 Kilometer Walking Challenge 2024

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Not skating and cycling but still participating in De Hollandse 100?!

We know De Hollandse 100 as a winter duathlon involving a total of 100km of ice skating and cycling. For the 8th edition of De Hollandse 100, we're adding the quintessentially Dutch activity of WALKING once again. How Dutch can it get? During De Hollandse 100 on Sunday, March 24th, you can choose from 2 distances: 10 or 20 kilometers through the beautiful Frisian landscape.

Cactus Carina

Just like last year, we're collaborating with Cactus Carina, also known as Carina Keizer, for the Walking Challenge. Carina is the sister of our Lymph&Co ambassador Simon Keizer, a true De Hollandse 100 ambassasdor who's participating for the 6th time this March. Unfortunately, their mother was diagnosed with lymph node cancer 9 years ago. Carina and Simon know all too well the necessity of research into this disease. Their mother cannot be cured of lymphoma, but due to current and future developments, there's a greater chance that she could enjoy life for a longer period.


Challenge Collaboration

For the past 3 years, Carina has been organizing monthly challenges within her community where thousands of participants work together towards a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise, and mindset are subjects that receive a lot of attention. For the upcoming Cactus Carina March Challenge, Carina and Lymph&Co have joined forces to try and raise as many donations as possible while staying active throughout the month of March. A great reason to add the 'Walking' component to the event!

On Sunday, March 24th, you can choose from 2 distances: 10 or 20 kilometers. We will start and finish at Thialf Heerenveen.


Participating is, of course, for yourself, but most importantly, for everyone who has or has had lymph node cancer, by raising as much money as possible for lymph node cancer research. Thanks to all the donations to Lymph&Co, funding has been realized for 8 (!) research projects, but more research is urgently needed. With the 8th edition of De Hollandse 100, we hope to make a strong start for the next research project.

You can participate individually or as a team. The more, the merrier, so sign up with your colleagues, friends, or family!

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the Walking Challenge is €12.50. All the money goes towards research.


Team De Hollandse 100



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