The Lymph&Co Foundation

100% of the proceeds from De Hollandse 100 go to the Lymph&Co Foundation. There is still too little attention for Lymphoma  and there are still insufficient good treatment options. 100% of the donations to Lymph&Co are used to finance research on Lymphoma!

Lymph&Co Foundation
The Lymph&Co Foundation supports groundbreaking research to improve the treatment of Lymphoma. Lymph&Co believes in innovation as a solution to the current societal health challenges. The key to this is excellence: the best ideas from the best researchers provide the best solutions for people and society.

Our goal
The goal of Lymph&Co is to fund fundamental research on the nature and treatment of Lymphoma and to generate more awareness for this type of cancer. The aim is to provide the most prominent hematologists working on Lymphoma research with the resources that enable them to conduct this research worldwide. Lymph&Co was founded by Bernhard van Oranje, who himself had lymph node cancer. 

Support us!
At this moment, with your help, the Lymph&Co Foundation has raised enough money to be able to fully finance 8 research projects! In addition to the first project that Lymph&Co "adopted" at the AMC by Professors Marie José Kersten and Steven Pals, we were able to add two more research projects at UMCG (Groningen) in 2017, with researchers Anke van den Berg and Joost Kluiver, and at the AMC with researcher Marcel Spaargaren. In 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, more research projects followed at UMC Utrecht and in London, Amsterdam, and Harvard USA. Visit for more information.

We will continue! Thanks to all the donations to Lymph&Co, funding for 8 (!) research projects has been realized, but more research is urgently needed. With the seventh edition of De Hollandse 100, we hope to make a good start for the next research project.

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