The Authentic Dutch Winter Duathlon!

10 kilometers of skating followed by 90 kilometers of cycling for lymph node cancer research. A unique Dutch sports event with the theme 'Authentic Dutch'. Think of Authentic Dutch entertainment, snacks, decorations, and more.

Together, we will take on the athletic challenge and raise as much money as possible for research into improved treatments for lymph node cancer.

Find 100 kilometers a bit too much? No problem! We have 4 other options for both adults and kids. You can read all about them further below.


Sunday, March 24, 2024 - Thialf Heerenveen

Registration opens on September 1, 2023

Want to secure your spot for the 2024 event?    

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De Hollandse 100 by Lymph&Co raised €359.322  in 2023! 

Pictures of De Hollandse 100 2023: click HERE

Watch the aftemovie 2023!

In total, the 8th edition of this fantastic De Hollandse 100 event features 5 components:

  • De Hollandse 100: 10 kilometers of skating and 90 kilometers of cycling
  • De Halve Hollandse 100: 5 kilometers of skating and 45 kilometers of cycling for those who find the entire De Hollandse 100 a bit too much.
  • De Junioren 10: 10 kilometers of skating on the sacred ice of Thialf for youth up to 18 years old.
  • De Familie-/groepsestafette: Skate as many laps as possible within one hour with your friends, family, colleagues, or teammates.
  • De Wandel Challenge: Following the success in 2023: during De Hollandse 100 2024 you can walk 10 or 20 kilometers through the beautiful Frisian landscape. The choice is yours!


You can do this individually or as part of a team. Wouldn't it be fun to unleash your primal strength with a group of friends or colleagues and achieve a top performance? The more, the merrier!

You can also choose just to skate or cycle. You can even divide it (one skates and the other cycles). However, you always have to register for the entire event.


Registration fee 

  • The registration fee for De Hollandse 100 and De Halve Hollandse 100 is €100.
    If you register before January 1, 2024, the registration fee is €75. The registration fee is also considered as part of your donations and goes 100% towards research.
  • The registration fee for youth under 18 years old is €17.50, and for the Familie/Groepsestafette and the Wandel Challenge, it's €12.50 per person.

For Whom Are You Participating?

Partly for yourself, but mainly for everyone who has had or currently has lymph node cancer, by raising as much money as possible for lymph node cancer research. You'll have the opportunity to test your abilities alongside many well-known and lesser-known athletes. Skill, perseverance, and a healthy dose of ambition are required to successfully complete this challenge.

Excited? Register NOW and rally your athletic friends!


Questions or more information about this event?

mail to: 


De Hollandse 100 2024 Schedule

The complete schedule for De Hollandse 100 2024 will be available HERE as soon as it's confirmed.

Feel free to bring your friends, colleagues, and family along to support you – there's plenty to experience!

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What is De Hollandse 100? De Hollandse 100 is a quintessentially Dutch winter duathlon: 10 kilometers of ice skating followed by 90 kilometers of cycling. A unique Dutch sports event! On Sunday, March 24, 2024, the 8th edition of De Hollandse 100 will take place in and around Thialf Heerenveen. For Whom? A bit for yourself, but mostly to raise money for lymphoma cancer research. Lymph&Co challenges you! You have the opportunity to test your strength against a lot of well-known and lesser-known athletes. Technique, determination, and a healthy dose of ambition are necessary to successfully complete this challenge. Are you joining? Register now and rally your sporty friends. Participation You can participate individually or as part of a team. The more, the merrier, so sign up with your colleagues, friends, or family. You can also choose to only skate or cycle. You can even split it (one skates and the other cycles). However, you always register for the entire event. Registration FeeThe registration fee for De Hollandse 100 is €100. All the money goes towards research. Corporate/Company Team For the 2024 De Hollandse 100, we've developed a corporate program that makes "exercising together for a good cause" very simple. Company teams with 10 to 30 participants prepare themselves for De Hollandse 100 this way. Curious? Request the presentation via Event During the Hollandse 100, there will be performances, DJs, kids' entertainment, and other activities. It's a true family event, so feel free to bring them along. After 45 kilometers, you'll pass by Thialf again, so you'll have 3 moments where people can cheer you on.
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Massage tijdens De Hollandse 100

20-02-2024 | 09:49 De eerste Hollandse 100 helden hebben zich alweer aangemeld! René en Esther van Vitality2Improve zullen vrijwillig de nodige massages verzorgen tijdens De Hollandse 100 op zondag 24 maart. Wie zijn René en Esther? Samen runnen zij hun eigen bedrijf waarin mentale en fysieke gezondheid op nummer 1 staat. In eigen woorden: ‘Wij realiseren doorbraken op het gebied van vitaliteit in de breedste zin van het woord. Doorbraken in jouw gevoel, gedrag en handelen. De kracht van onze aanpak zit in het combineren van mentale coaching, in beweging komen (letterlijk en figuurlijk) en een gezond voedingspatroon.’ Een prachtige missie en twee prachtmensen willen we natuurlijk graag in het zonnetje zetten.Toen we ze vroegen wat meedoen aan De Hollandse 100 betekent voor ze, beantwoorden ze deze vraag met: “Wij gunnen iedereen ondanks alles graag een lichtpuntje op deze dag!”   
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22-02-2024 | 13:35 To: Senne de Bruijn