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De Junioren 10

Are you under 18 and eager to give it your all in the 10-kilometer ice skating challenge?
Then sign up for this ultimate race among the ice skating distances.
De Junioren 10 will be held during the Lymph&Co event De Hollandse 100 on Sunday, March 24, 2024, at Thialf Heerenveen.

Registration fee for The Juniors 10 is €10 per person.

De Hollandse 100 and De Halve Hollandse 100

Are you under 18 and want to participate in the "real" Hollandse 100: 10 kilometers of ice skating and 90 kilometers of cycling, or perhaps 5 kilometers of ice skating and 45 kilometers of cycling?
Then sign up for De Hollandse 100 or De Halve Hollandse 100 under the "Youth up to 18 years" category.

Registration fee for both events is €17.50 per person for anyone under 18.


For all children in grades 3 to 8, a special event on the 333-meter track.
If you find 10 kilometers too much but love to skate your rounds on the magnificent ice of Thialf, then sign up for Kids&Co.

Registration fee for Kids&Co is €10 per person.


Team De Hollandse 100


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