Family/Group Relay 2024

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The Family Relay is open to everyone; from young to old, from big to small. You can participate with your family, your class, your neighbors, your soccer team, your dance club, or any other group.

During an hour, you can complete as many laps as possible on the 400-meter track. Each lap gets you a stamp. Collect as many stamps as you can! Participation is possible from the age of six. Of course, you can ask friends, family members, and acquaintances to support your effort with a donation.

The Family Relay is a family event taking place on Sunday, March 24, 2024, at Thialf in Heerenveen as part of De Hollandse 100 by Lymph&Co.

Registration fee for The Family Relay is €12.50 per person.


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€5 28-03-2024 | 19:27 To: Vesper gaat ervoor!
€15 26-03-2024 | 07:25 To: Vesper gaat ervoor!
€5 25-03-2024 | 22:25 To: Vesper gaat ervoor!
€5 25-03-2024 | 22:23 To: Quinny de Eismeister
€5 25-03-2024 | 22:22 To: De Bodi(ijs)beer