De Hollandse 100 (10/90k) 2024

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What is De Hollandse 100?
De Hollandse 100 is a quintessentially Dutch winter duathlon: 10 kilometers of ice skating followed by 90 kilometers of cycling. A unique Dutch sports event!

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, the 8th edition of De Hollandse 100 will take place in and around Thialf Heerenveen.

For Whom? A bit for yourself, but mostly to raise money for lymphoma cancer research. Lymph&Co challenges you! You have the opportunity to test your strength against a lot of well-known and lesser-known athletes. Technique, determination, and a healthy dose of ambition are necessary to successfully complete this challenge. Are you joining? Register now and rally your sporty friends.

You can participate individually or as part of a team. The more, the merrier, so sign up with your colleagues, friends, or family.

You can also choose to only skate or cycle. You can even split it (one skates and the other cycles). However, you always register for the entire event.

Registration Fee
The registration fee for De Hollandse 100 is €100. All the money goes towards research.

Corporate/Company Team
For the 2024 De Hollandse 100, we've developed a corporate program that makes "exercising together for a good cause" very simple. Company teams with 10 to 30 participants prepare themselves for De Hollandse 100 this way. Curious? Request the presentation via

During the Hollandse 100, there will be performances, DJs, kids' entertainment, and other activities. It's a true family event, so feel free to bring them along. After 45 kilometers, you'll pass by Thialf again, so you'll have 3 moments where people can cheer you on.


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