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Alles voor papa!

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..because I know from experience, how important and necessary the research on lymphoma is. Therefore, I would be grateful if you would sponsor me by making a donation!

it is a one-time donation only



..weil ich aus Erfahrung weiss, wie wichtig und notwendig die Forschung nach Lymphdrüsenkrebs ist. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mich mit einer Spende unterstützen würdest!

es ist eine einmalige Spende



..omdat ik uit ervaring weet, hoe belangrijk en nodig het onderzoek naar lymfeklierkanker is. Ik zou het super vinden als jij mij hierin zou willen ondersteunen door middel van een donatie!

het is een éénmalige donatie



 Hier erkläre ich dir mehr dazu!


  Here I explain you more!


Thank you!   Danke!   Merci viilmols!   Dankjewel!


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30/06/2021 | 13:48

What is it about? My explanation for the English speaking community!

100% of the donations received of 'De Hollandse 100' will go to the Lymph&Co Foundation for worldwide research. Approximately 1 out of 50 persons is diagnosed with lymphoma during his or her lifetime. In the Netherlands alone there are about 4,000 new patients each year and this number is increasing. Despite intensive treatment, more than 1,000 patients die each year in the Netherlands as a result of this disease. There is still too little attention for lymphatic cancer and there aren't enough treatment possibilities. 100% of donations to Lymph&Co are used to fund research into this type of cancer. In Germany, over 14,000 people are diagnosed each year. Also in Switzerland, the same percentage of people are diagnosed with lymphoma: about 1,750 each year. Unfortunately, the chances of survival are rather low. 1 out of 4 people die from the direct consequences of the disease. I lost my father a few months ago for this reason. Although the pain is and remains unbearable, I will continue to support this good cause, as my father did until the end. Lymph&Co Foundation The Lymph&Co Foundation supports groundbreaking research to improve the treatment of lymphoma. Lymph&Co believes in innovation as a solution to today's societal health challenges. The key to this, is excellence: the best ideas from the best researchers provide the best solutions for people and society. Because everything is financed by sponsors and voluntary work, 100% of every donation goes directly into research. This is unique, because it is usually not the case with large organisations. The goal The aim of Lymph&Co is to fund fundamental research into the nature and treatment of lymphatic cancer and to generate more attention for this form of cancer. The aim is to provide the leading hematologists involved in lymph gland cancer research with resources that will enable them to carry out this research around the world. Even without sweating you can support this fight! Just click the donate now button and everything else will explain itself!   Best regards, Robin

De Hollandse 100 is een initiatief van stichting Lymph&Co. Lymph&Co streeft ernaar financiering van fundamenteel onderzoek naar de aard en behandeling van lymfklierkanker mogelijk te maken en meer aandacht te genereren voor deze vorm van kanker. Kijk ook eens op onze website: De Hollandse 100 is een oerhollandse fundraiser met twee onderdelen: schaatsen en fietsen. De Hollandse 100 @HOME is nieuw en draait om jouw eigen prestatie: 100 keer iets uitdagends doen.